Online Qualifying for VSR Showdown 2018 Round 2 will be running from October 9th to 14th, and we are proud to announce that the car selected for the competition is the Ferrari 488 GT3. The circuit to be used for the Online Qualifying is the former home of the San Marino Grand Prix, the Autodromo Internationale Enzo e Dino Ferrari at Imola. The layout used is the Grand Prix layout.

NOTE: In order to be eligible to enter the competition, you must have completed the FREE registration form at www.virtualsimracing.com.au/registration

How does Qualifying work?

Online Qualifying for the VSR Showdown is simple - the fastest single valid lap time is the one that counts! 


Each day we will be running 2x 9 Hour Hosted Sessions. These will be starting from 7am AEST, and from 4pm AEST each day of qualifying. This means that you will be able to attempt qualifying at any time between the hours of 7am-1am AEST. The sessions will be password protected so as to keep the hosted sessions clean, with participants that are aware of the Virtual Sim Racing Showdown. The password each day will be updated on this page.

Qualifying Details:

Qualifying Method: Open Qualifying

Setup: Fixed Setup (Ferrari 488 GT3 Challenge Fixed Setup - 10L Fuel)

Time of Day: Afternoon (Clear)

Temperature: 26 degrees Celcius

Humidity: 55

Wind: North 2kph

Track State: 100%

Important Information:

The setup itself is indeed fixed, the in-car adjustments are available to be used by anyone who would like to adjust. This is the case for online qualifying ONLY. In the main event at PAX AUS, no buttons will be mapped and no in-car adjustments will be permitted.

Qualifying is now completed. Thank you to all who participated!


The Top 18 fastest times will qualify for VSR Showdown Round 2 @ PAX Australia!

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